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No matter whether you want to train once a month or four times a week. No matter whether you want to become really fit or just want to meet new people while doing sport. University Sports offers something for everyone!

A lot of students hope to start a career in media after graduating. Dr. Christina Blumentritt, who studied Media Studies, (Media) Psychology and German Language and Literature at FAU and completed a doctoral degree there as well, managed to do just that.

More and more food is being thrown away and the oceans are full of plastic waste. If this worries you, and you’d like to be part of the ever increasing number of students campaigning for greater sustainability – the ‘sneep’ student network is an ideal place for making your voice heard.

You want to test your skills by competing against other students? Then why not join one of the FAU teams that regularly take part in competitions. Like Ruth.

No matter whether you prefer to tinker with cars, help refugees or stage a play: the University has a lot to offer even away from the lecture theatre and the library.

Looking for an ideal place to study? Not sure how to go about writing your assignment? Having problems and need advice? Then the Learning Lab is the right place for you.

ISC, SC, ASC, SCC – what are all these abbreviations? They stand for international competitions with high performance computers – and teams of students at FAU take part.