Get off to a successful start to the winter semester

Image: Uwe Niklas

Wide range of services and concepts available for new students

It looks like winter semester 2020/21 is going to start rather differently from previous years. One thing, however, is sure to stay the same: We at FAU will do everything we can to support our new students and help them settle into university life. You can find details of everything that is on offer on the section of our website dedicated to the start of the semester. The page is kept up to date on a regular basis, and new information is added all the time.

No matter whether the coming semester will be mainly based on face-to-face teaching, online lectures and seminars or a healthy mixture of the two, we at FAU can guarantee all our new and current students that you will be able to study at FAU and all examinations will go ahead. Together, we will make it a success.

Guidance from the Student Advice and Career Service

A lot of things are different from usual this year, including application deadlines for degree programmes with admission restrictions. The deadline this year is not until 20 August. Our overview of all degree programmes will tell you whether you need to apply via or via campo.

If you have any questions or problems, the FAU Student Advice and Career Service should be your first port of call. Our Student Advice and Career Service (IBZ) is currently available by phone, e-mail or by filling in the contact form. The times someone is available to take your phone call and e-mail addresses of the various points of contact are available on the website under Drop-in sessions and Individual consultations.

Individual consultations can also be offered virtually, via Zoom, after making an appointment.

A list of online events and advice for individual subjects is available at

Information for parents

Our parents’ portal provides a summary of the most important information for the parents of school leavers.

Addition information