Can’t find the way? We’ve got it mapped out

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Find your way around campus

FAU is its own little universe: you can easily get lost if you don’t know your way about. But there’s no reason to despair: help is at hand – the online map service and the FAU app can show you the right way to wherever you need to go.

If you hadn’t realized it before, you soon will: FAU is not a campus university. Its buildings and locations not all located in one spot, but rather spread out over several locations – even in different towns. Not just Erlangen and Nuremberg, but also Fürth and Bamberg. As if that is not tricky enough, the various institutions are spread out across the towns as well. In Erlangen, FAU institutions can be found on nearly every corner. Finding your way around is not easy, especially for new students. The cryptic names of the rooms don’t help either: 00.4 PSG, 02.134-113 – how are you supposed to know where that is?

The free FAU app for iOS and Android can help. Using the navigation function you can search specifically for lecture buildings and room numbers. As the app is linked to Google Maps, you can follow your smartphone to exactly the right place once you know which building or room you are looking for. All you need to do is enter the room names exactly as they are given in UnivIS. And if you are looking for your lecturer’s e-mail address or want to know what there is for lunch in the canteen, the app has the answers, too.

The FAU map service helps if you need to know where a certain FAU institution is located. If you are looking for the Chair of Medieval History, for example, you can enter it at and the map service will show you the exact location. The service also helps you find a certain building, such as the seminar building of the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology.

However, even technology has its limits. Sometimes neither the app nor the map service can help. For example when it comes to nicknames buildings and rooms have been given over the years by students, like the ‘Philosophentürme’. The best thing you can do in this case is ask other students where it is.

Looking for the best place to study? The library study rooms navigator can find you the perfect spot.


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