Making sure you're covered

There are many different kinds of insurance in Germany. Health insurance is essential. We also recommend that you take out liability insurance. Conditions and coverage vary between policies (maximum age, tariffs, etc.), so it is worth comparing them.

Health insurance

You are legally required to ensure that you have valid health insurance for the entire duration of your stay in Germany. If you are not provided with health insurance by your employer or the organisation providing your scholarship, you must arrange sufficient insurance coverage yourself. Please be aware that, for long-term stays, the German authorities usually only accept German health insurance. It is therefore best to take out travel health insurance which will cover you for a maximum of four weeks after you arrive in Germany. The Welcome Centre will then be happy to help you apply for a long-term health insurance policy.

There are two types of insurance provider: statutory health insurance providers and insurance companies which offer private health insurance. Private health insurance generally costs more than statutory health insurance.

International guests at FAU who do not have an employment contract may also wish to consider a third option, ‘incomer’ insurance. This is another form of private health insurance, but does not require a certain minimum income and has different coverage compared with statutory health insurance, for example.

You can obtain more detailed information directly from health insurance providers. The Welcome Centre can assist you with any general questions.

Liability insurance

You are not legally required to have private liability insurance, but it is highly recommended. It covers damage to people and property, for example if you cause a traffic accident as a pedestrian or cyclist, or accidentally damage or destroy someone else’s property. Private liability insurance is usually inexpensive (starting from around 45 euros per year). If you want to use your own car, motorcycle or other motor vehicle, you will also require vehicle insurance.