Enrolment as a doctoral candidate


Doctoral candidates can enrol at FAU following admission to a doctoral degree.

Enrolment entitles individuals to a number of benefits and discounts.

  • Semester ticket
  • Use of services offered by Student Services at the student price (cafeterias etc., not places in student accommodation)
  • Participation in FAU courses including sports courses and free language courses
  • Potential advantages with regard to right of residence for non-European doctoral candidates
  • Discounts on admission prices for leisure, cultural and sporting activities (e.g. cinema, gym)
  • Discounts on software, licences and media subscriptions
  • Doctoral candidates at FAU are entitled to use software licensed to the University for personal use like enrolled students.
  • Child allowance (depending on your age and marital status)

Maximum duration of enrolment for doctoral candidates

At Bavarian universities, doctoral candidates may enrol for up to three years. Exceptions to this are doctoral candidates who are working towards a doctoral degree according to the former doctoral regulations of the School of Business and Economics, who must be enrolled for a duration of two semesters.

Some scholarship organisations require doctoral candidates to be enrolled.

Enrolment and health insurance

Please be aware that doctoral candidates who are enrolled at the University are not classed as students in the sense of Section 5 (1)(9) SGB V, and therefore do not have student status for the purposes of health insurance. For this reason, higher tariffs may apply.

Further information on health insurance for doctoral candidates