Modules Research

Modules Research

As a researcher, driving your research forward as effectively as possible is your key priority. How can you finance your research? Is your idea specific enough to quality for third-party funding? Has an idea for research been on your mind for a while, but you haven’t found the time to take it any further? Then this is the course for you! Our outstanding coaches for modules R1 and R2 help you take up the reins of your research idea and steer effectively towards your goal.

With the right creative methods (module R1) you learn the expertise you need to make your idea competitive and make it accessible to the world of research in the right context (module R2). You also have the unique opportunity to share experiences directly with successful FAU professors. They give you constructive feedback tailored specifically to your ideas. You can also clarify any questions directly with our research coordinators.

You can choose between the two self-contained modules R1: Developing competitive third-party projects and R2 Developing successful networks.

Please register for the modules via StudOn.

Regarding the details of the module procedure and documents to be submitted in advance, you will be contacted and personally informed by all trainers in good time before the module.

A good idea and an eye-catching presentation are essential for competitive third-party projects. In the workshop ‘Developing competitive third-party projects’ you will learn about various methods and creative techniques centred around your own idea, and explore them in more depth on the basis of real-life examples.


  • What is creativity and how can I use it to benefit my research and my career?
  • Finding inspiration and shaping new ideas
  • Visualising, exploring and communicating your own idea using prototyping, project canvases and storytelling.
  • Your idea, tailored to suit specific funding scenarios and from the reviewer’s perspective


8 December 2021, 1 pm to 5 pm

9 December 2021, 9 am to 5 pm

10 December 2021, 1 pm to 5 pm

Location: Online (we will inform you in good time if the event can be held face-to-face).

10 spaces

Coaches: With their many years’ experience in business, academia and administration, the team from Weisblum motivates organisations to take a fresh approach in order to be able to react more flexibly to changing requirements now and in the future. Jenny Pick and Berit Edlich have many years’ experience as coaches covering every aspect of research funding. In particular, their work focuses on supporting researchers who work in collaboration with others in interdisciplinary contexts. They have a wealth of knowledge in the areas of funding advice, creativity techniques and team development, gathered at various universities and research institutions.

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In this module, you benefit from the expertise and experience of successful FAU professors as well as our research coordinators.

Networks are based on relationships and trust. During this two-day seminar you learn how to establish and nurture networks, how networks can be kept alive in the long term, and what that has to do with your own personal abilities. The seminar will look at both traditional networks of personal contacts and today’s social networks on social media and the different approaches required for each. Participants will also benefit from best practice examples presented by experienced scientists.


  • Acquiring and polishing skills for increasing the visibility of yourself as a person, your skills and your projects.
  • Raising awareness of effective self-marketing and communication.
  • Learning how to generate long-lasting interest by coming across as an authentic personality.
  • Understanding the relevance of the person you are talking to for your next project.
  • Do’s and dont’s for establishing (research) networks.
  • Drawing up your own individual network analysis.
  • Defining your personal network strategy.

Date: 4 November to 5 November 2021, 9am to 5pm

Location: Online (If the event takes place in presence, you will be informed in time).

10 places

Coaches: A dedicated networker and sales expert. Listen, ask questions. Connect people, ideas and companies. Learn new skills. With more than 20 years’ expertise, Anja Merl helps her customers and course participants establish and develop their own networks. She is involved in the Bavarian association for SMEs known as the BVWM and is a managing director of die.netzwerk.akademie, where her skills in people management are a valuable asset.


In this module, you will benefit from the expertise and experience of successful FAU professors and our research representatives!