Modules People

Modules People

As a researcher, your main focus is on carrying out successful research. However, this is only possible if you know that you can rely on the backing of a good infrastructure, which has to be established and managed correctly. As the holder of a chair, group leader or project coordinator, you have to encourage a whole range of different personalities to work together well as an efficient team.

The People modules give you the opportunity to reflect on how your own personal experiences have shaped your management style and how you could perhaps modify it to suit the requirements of your position or your staff. Our hand-picked coaches have valuable expertise you can tap into to help you improve your management skills over the long term.
You can choose between the two self-contained modules P1: Developing your own style of management – Cultivating self-awareness and P2 Developing your own style of management – Managing yourself and others.

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Regarding the details of the module procedure and documents to be submitted in advance, you will be contacted and personally informed by all trainers in good time before the module.

How do I lead others? How do others see me as a manager? What is the management style I aim to achieve? How can I become a better manager? These are the four questions we will focus on during the practical seminar. You explore your own management style and sharpen your awareness for perceptual filters and implicit assumptions which guide our management behaviour. By sharing with other participants, reflecting and considering input from others, you can develop your own management style tailored to suit your individual working environment and requirements. Step by step, you devise a practical guide to help you find your way through the daily ‘management jungle’.


  •  Sharpen your management style.
  • Archetypical management styles and modern approaches to leadership: What influences your management style
  • Management involves juggling different expectations. Which requirements do you have to meet?
  • Management in complex contexts: The attitude and tools you need to create an agile learning and error culture.
  • My leadership ideal: Which type of leadership do you hope to attain?
  • The next steps: Learn to use the self-management tool WOOP.

Date: 25 November – 26 November 2021 from 9am to 5.30pm

Location: Online (If the event takes place in presence, you will be informed in time).

10 places

Coaches: ‘You can dance the night away with hypotheses, but you shouldn’t marry them.’ Doro Lehmann has worked at roots since 1994, sharing her valuable psychological expertise in the area of collaborative processes in organisations.

The customers appreciate her good-humoured persistence in searching for good solutions and her structured approach to seemingly chaotic contexts. As a dedicated team player, she always treats those she works with as equals. Clarity as to the job in hand and the roles allocated to each team member are reliable indications of quality. Doro Lehmann focuses on collaborative self-management.


This workshop focuses on the powerful question of what actually makes an outstanding, inspirational manager. The event is deliberately designed as an interactive round table for sharing experiences of management, discussing case studies and working out common management tools to help you in the future.

Before the workshop, we will ask you about any requests or suggestions you may have about leadership and communication and integrate them into the programme.


  •  What do you have in your own personal, modern tool kit?
  • ‘Did I choose the right words? Should I have expressed myself differently?’ Improve your practical and theoretical skills in giving and taking feedback.
  • Communication is the key: Discover how to hold different conversations effectively with different target groups.
  • Recognise and tackle challenges successfully: Signals that conflict is brewing and conflict discussions

Date: 29 October 2021 from 9am to 5pm

About six weeks after the workshop: : Concluding meeting with feedback (You will be notified of the date in time.)

Location: Online (If the event takes place in presence, you will be informed in time).

8 places

Coaches: Wolfgang Leybold has more than 15 years of professional experience in HR consulting.

He has developed numerous recruiting and communication models and has been invited to hold talks or lectures at a number of universities and institutes of higher education.

In 2019, he established the company Leybold Strategy Consultants in order to focus more on his activities in the area of strategic consulting.

Wolfgang Leybold is an experienced trainer and coach who works in Germany and abroad, for example in the UK, Ireland, Austria and the USA.