As FAU is especially keen to support outstanding researchers, we are happy to cover 50% of the overall cost of the programme. If you decide to take part in the programme, you only need to pay a contribution of €1980. It is up to you whether to cover the costs using your departmental budget, third-party funding or private funds. You can also apply for financial support from your faculty. Please contact your dean or school speaker if you are interested in this option. You can also contact your ETI/ELAN programme coordinator if you are receiving ETI or ELAN funding.

Part-time employees at FAU do not have to pay the full amount, the amount they have to pay is calculated according to the percentage of time they work.

The costs are listed in the table below.

Percentage of time worked
Cost of programme
100% 1980 €
75% 1485 €
50% 990 €

Should you wish to participate in more than three modules, you are welcome to do so, provided there is sufficient free capacity. Please note that additional fees of 200 € per module will apply. If you are interested in additional courses, please contact the FAUnext program coordinators.