Conditions of participation

Conditions of participation

By participating in FAUnext, you acknowledge agreement with the following conditions, which apply to all FAUnext events and services.


As FAU is especially keen to support outstanding researchers, we are happy to cover 50% of the overall cost of the programme. If you decide to take part in the programme, you will therefore only need to pay a subsidised fee of €1980. It is up to you whether to cover the costs using your departmental budget or third-party funding. If you are unable to secure funding through these or any other immediately available means, please contact the Dean of your faculty or your school/departmental speaker. You can also contact your programme coordinator if you are receiving ETI or ELAN funding.

Part-time employees at FAU do not have to pay the full amount, the amount they have to pay is calculated according to the percentage of time they work.

The programme fee is due at the start of the programme and covers the entire duration of the programme, which is two years. The costs are listed in the table below.

Percentage of time worked Cost of programme
100% €1980
75% €1485
50% €990

You are welcome to attend more than three modules, provided enough free places are available. Please note that fees of €200 per additional module will apply. If you are interested in taking additional courses, please contact the FAUnext programme coordinator.

You will receive the payment transfer details once you have registered for the programme. Please make sure that you provide the correct and complete payment reference details when transferring your payment. You can also pay online at:

Registration, withdrawal and cancellation

You can register for the modules online via StudOn from 28 February (summer semester) and 30 August (winter semester). When registering, please bear in mind that you will need to attend the entire module as the courses are prepared by the instructors based on the needs of the individual participants. If you change your mind, you may withdraw by de-registering for the module in StudOn during the registration period. After the registration period, you may withdraw from the module up to one week before the module starts by notifying the coordinator at:

If you cancel the module at short notice (less than one week before the start of the module), you will be charged a fee of €200. This charge will be invoiced separately. You may register for the module again at a later point in the programme. If you cannot take part in a module due to illness, please let us know as soon as you can via e-mail. You will not be charged a fee in this case.

Please note that withdrawing from a module is not the same as cancelling your participation in the FAUnext programme.