FAUnext career programme


FAU considers the education and training of staff with high potential as one of its greatest obligations and most important opportunities. Priority is given to achieving professional independence, strengthening academic profiles and gaining additional skills.

The FAUnext career programme is an education and training programme for W1 professors, qualified postdoctoral researchers (participants of the Emerging Talents Initiative, ETI) and heads of junior research groups at FAU who have already decided on an academic career. The focus for W1 professors and FAU heads of junior research groups is on developing networks and personal development with the aim of improving their research profile, while the focus for qualified postdoctoral researchers lies not only on achieving professional and personal independence, but also in identifying alternative career paths.

Individual personal development measures allow all participants to develop from both a personal and career perspective and help them prepare for the next step in their careers.

The pilot project will start in winter semester 2020/2021.

Please contact the project management team at if you have any questions.

Dr. Silke Schnurbusch

Postdocs, Postdocberatung, Coaching, Kommunikation
Schlossplatz 4 (Postanschrift); Bahnhofplatz 2 (Besucheranschrift)
91054 Erlangen

Natalie Seifert

Assistance in training postdoctoral researchers, blogs, website
Schlossplatz 4 (Postanschrift); Bahnhofplatz 2 (Besucheranschrift)
91054 Erlangen


You can take part in the FAUnext programme if you are one of the following:

  • W1 professor
  • FAU head of junior research group
  • Qualified postdoctoral researcher (participant in Emerging Talents Initiative, ETI)

You don’t need to apply to take part in the FAUnext programme. You will receive an invitation to participate in the programme and can take part at any time.

FAUnext provides support to participants in all aspects of the PERO fields of action at FAU. You can participate in the programme at any time after receiving an invitation. Your training begins with a voluntary individual status review, which comprises a self-reflection form followed by a feedback meeting at the Graduate Centre, if necessary. The results of the status review will help you to select modules for your personal development from the range of modules we offer. You can then register for the modules (registration is binding). Registration for the modules will start at the beginning of 2021. The specific dates will be announced at a later date.


  • December/January 2020: Feedback meetings for the status reviews
  • March/April 2021: Course schedule begins

At the beginning of the programme, you will have the opportunity to carry out a status review so that you can match the programme to your individual requirements. The status review is carried out by completing a self-reflection form. This form is based on the PERO fields of action and should make it easier for you to choose modules. In addition, you will have the opportunity to discuss the form in a feedback meeting with our coaches and clarify any questions you may have.

The status review form and the feedback meeting are voluntary and are not necessary for participation in the programme. Please note that it is not possible to take part in a feedback meeting without completing a status review. We do not store or use the information on your status review form and you do not need to submit it to us. The form is intended for personal use only and provides assistance with selecting modules.

As the modules you select are important for your personal career development, we recommend you complete a status review.

If you would like to arrange a feedback meeting, please contact the relevant coach directly. The contact information is listed under ‘Coaching’.

In line with the PERO fields of action, we offer eight modules in addition to a further module with more general information. Two modules are offered for each field of action.


  • Module P1: Developing your own style of management – Dealing with yourself
  • Module P2: Developing your own style of management – Managing yourself and others


  • Module E1: Teaching at university for those with teaching experience
  • Module E2: Online teaching


  • Module R1: Developing competitive third-party projects
  • Module R2: Developing successful research networks


  • Module O1: Science communication
  • Module O2: The interface to business and society

Professorship as a career goal

In addition to participating in the qualification modules, you can take advantage of other aspects of the programme such as career coaching tailored to your specific needs, which is carried out by certified coaches.

Detailed information about what we offer will be published here soon.


Dr. Stefanie Herberger

Referatsleiterin; Entwicklung wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs, Strategische Weiterbildung, Coaching, Kooperationen
Schlossplatz 4 (Postanschrift); Bahnhofplatz 2 (Besucheranschrift)
91054 Erlangen

Dr. Silke Schnurbusch

Postdocs, Postdocberatung, Coaching, Kommunikation
Schlossplatz 4 (Postanschrift); Bahnhofplatz 2 (Besucheranschrift)
91054 Erlangen