Award ceremony for doctoral graduates and alumni

275 years of 'Knowledge in motion' – FAU holds special award ceremony for doctoral degree graduates and alumni as part of its anniversary celebrations



FAU is celebrating its 275th anniversary in 2018 and, as is usually the case with such occasions, the University’s ‘family’ is a part of these celebrations. For this reason, FAU decided to hold an award ceremony for doctoral graduates and alumni for the first time.

Part of the FAU’s ‘family’ came together for the occasion, which gave alumni the opportunity to visit their alma mater and doctoral graduates also had the chance to celebrate completing their theses.

Information for doctoral graduates and alumni

Completing their thesis marks a special moment in the life of a researcher. FAU honoured this success on 21 July 2018 with an award ceremony for recent doctoral graduates in the impressive surroundings of Sportpark Ronhof of Spielvereinigung Greuther Fürth football club. In a special ceremony, doctoral graduates received their degree certificates, followed by a champagne reception with snacks that gave them the opportunity to chat and enjoy a pleasant afternoon with the other guests.

The relationship with its alumni is just as important for FAU as the relationship with current members of the University. This is why FAU also invited alumni who graduated with a doctorate from the University 50, 25 and 15 years ago to a homecoming at their alma mater. The University’s 275th anniversary was the perfect occasion to invite these graduates back to FAU where they spent such an important part of their lives. The alumni were welcomed at a celebratory alumni dinner on July 20 2018. On the following day, they took part in the award ceremony for recent doctoral graduates before visiting the faculties where they studied. This gave them the chance to rediscover FAU, share some memories and find out what has changed since they graduated.

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