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Influential legal philosophers of the 20th century were just as strongly influenced by neo-Kantianism as the philosophical debates of today. The ‘back to Kant’ school of thought is the focus of research at the Centre for Studies in Neo-Kantianism (CENK) at FAU.

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In an interview, Prof. Dr. Peter Dabrock explains the work of the German Ethics Council and the challenges he faced during his time as chairman.

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The fact that more needs to be done to counter the gender gap in science and to increase diversity in traditionally male-dominated fields is undisputed. However, measures such as prizes exclusively for female researchers are often only regarded as symbolic. The team of researchers working in the collaborative research centre CRC/TRR 154 decided to take a different approach – with promising results.

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There has been a women’s representative at FAU for 30 years now. In our interview, the current postholder, Prof. Dr. Annette Keilhauer, outlines some of the challenges faced by her predecessors, what they have achieved and what still remains to be done.