Notable Alumni

From Ludwig Erhard to Georg Friedrich Ohm

During the more than 270 years of the University’s history, many of its alumni and researchers have made a name for themselves. Many well known figures have studied or researched at the University. We present a selection in our gallery of best-known alumni since the founding of FAU.

Ludwig Erhard

1897–1977, former Chancelor of Germany and father of the German economic miracle

Hermann Emil Fischer

1852–1919, Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Hans Geiger

1882–1945, founder of the Geiger counter

Kurt Glässer

1904–2003, founder of the Kurt Glässer Foundation

Hermann Kesten

1900–1996, writer and president of the PEN centre

Justus von Liebig

1803–1873, one of the most famous and succesful chemists of his century

Michael Kobr

Co-author of the Kluftinger crime novels

Emmy Noether

1882–1935, mathematician

Max Noether

1844–1921, mathematician

Friedrick Rückert

1788–1866, specialist in oriental studies and poet