FAU is committed to equal opportunities

Implementing equal opportunities for all members of the University is a prime concern for FAU. Our aim is to promote a sustainable family-friendly university and research culture which is sensitive to issues of gender and diversity.

Equal opportunities for all is a key objective for FAU and it has a large number of initiatives in place for ensuring gender equality, diversity management and balancing work and family commitments. FAU offers all its members excellent opportunities for personal and career development and provides support with career planning. It actively welcomes its new members, provides support with orientation and is represented by its alumni in countries around the world.

Female STEM researchers at FAU talk about their experiences on the topic of equal opportunities in research

Femal researchers from the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Sciences at FAU give a first-hand account of how they have experienced equality of opportunity in research to date.

Office of Equality and Diversity

The Office of Equality and Diversity is the central FAU institution for matters relating to equality of opportunity. It is responsible for FAU’s gender mainstreaming and diversity management strategies, as well as ensuring a balance between studying, career and family. The Office also supports the Women’s Representatives in fulfilling their tasks.

Office of Equality and Diversity (German)

Family Service

The FAU and Universitätsklinikum Family Service offers a comprehensive range of services to employees and students who have children or relatives who need care. The Family Service gives advice, can provide childcare or provide support if you have close family members in need of care.

FAU Family Service (German)

Gender and diversity in research and teaching

FAU has its own chair dedicated to gender research and the University provides targeted support to gender projects in research.  The “Empfehlungen zur Förderung einer gender- und diversitätssensiblen Lehr- und Lernkultur an der FAU” (Recommendations for promoting a teaching and learning culture sensitive to gender and diversity at FAU – available in German) provide guidelines on how equality of opportunity can be implemented in teaching.

Gender and diversity in research and teaching (German)

Sexual harassment

With its guidelines for dealing with sexual harassment, FAU makes it quite clear that it takes an active approach towards the issue of sexual harassment. These guidelines are designed to create awareness and protect and inform all members of the University. They offer guidance on which action should be taken in the first instance by those affected and witnesses and list points of contact and counselling options.

Guidelines for dealing with sexual harassment (German)


Anti-discrimination is a strategic area of action in diversity management that safeguards diversity at FAU and allows all individuals to achieve their full potential. This can only occur in conjunction with effective protection against discrimination.

Support and information about discrimination (German)


FAU is currently working on a number of projects and initiatives to support the inclusion of people with disabilities at the University. As part of the inclusion at FAU project, FAU is drawing up a concept for inclusion at the University.

Inclusion at FAU (German)